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After digging up their mother’s grave, two brothers debate what to do with the body.

Mom sends a message from beyond the grave promising inheritance to the boys.  But there’s a catch.

When the Funeral Home calls looking for the stolen body the brothers go on the run, but end up lost in a scary forest.

The brothers track down one of Mom’s ex-boyfriends in hopes of getting information on where to scatter her ashes.  But the information comes with a price.

After the debacle with mom’s Ex, the brothers find themselves behind bars.  The only way out is a jail break.

I WILL BURY YOU - Season 2

Comedy-Drama   |  5x 8 min  |  2035  |  4K

I Will Bury You is a Canadian, dark comedy series that follows two brothers as they attempt to carry out their mother’s final wishes by scattering her ashes in the places she loved… if they can only figure out where that might be.  Dealing with issues of grief, loss, and sibling rivalry, this genre defying series mixes comedy, drama, and hilarious stupidity into a single package.

Written & Directed by:

Ravi Steve Khajuria



Sergio Di Zio, Colin Glazer, Clare Coulter, Saul Rubinek.

Audio language: English        
Subtitles language: English

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